Nellie is a Carbon Capture product that uses evolutionary biotechnology to capture carbon dioxide straight from the air and from the gaseous emissions of industry.

Carbon Capture is just one of the solutions urgently required to combat climate change. There is no silver bullet and a balanced portfolio of technologies is required if we’re to achieve Net Zero and beyond. 

We believe that any and all climate change mitigation products should be efficient, expedient and equitable.

And that’s what Nellie is. 

It’s essential that we act now and that we act together. 

Your Place or Ours

Our Carbon Capture units can be installed on site or off-takes utilised remotely.

CCUS as Service

Flexible installations and cycles offering Carbon Capture as a Service.


Support for the physical, financial and CSR integration of our Carbon Capture product.

A Nellie Cell is an organic bioreactor with a proprietary growth medium and Controlled Growth Environment (CGA) that allows us to sequester a game-changing and commercially viable volume of carbon dioxide direct from ambient air.

Nellie is an accessible and affordable carbon capture system operated on-site at our own Carbon Farms or installed off-site at our customer’s estates.

In our organic bioreactors, we have a patent-pending feedstock which increases efficiency and a patent-pending environmental management system that increases our carbon capture rates.

It’s a modular and scalable carbon capture system, meaning we can deploy an efficient carbon capture and sequestration products tailored to the installation environment.

Nellie is an end-to-end solution that offers a no friction, no fuss product to our stakeholders.

News and Insights on our journey to beyond Net Zero

Our Purpose

Nellie exists to develop and deploy innovative Carbon Capture technologies in the effort to reverse climate change.

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