UK Carbon Capture technology developer, Nellie Technologies, is pleased to announce its capacity building project ahead of their Israel CleanTech innovation mission in July this year.

Nellie’s capture-ready installations utilise an evolutionary bioreactor to sequester carbon dioxide both directly from the air (Direct Air Capture or DAC) or the form gaseous emissions run-off from industry; so-called point source capture.

In March of this year, they were chosen as part of a select group of UK CleanTech companies to explore collaboration opportunities in Israel as part of UK Government’s Global Innovation Programme.

Speaking ahead of their visit this July, Nellie’s Founder, Stephen Milburn, said:

“We’re thrilled to be exploring international collaboration and development opportunities with our Israeli partners and can’t wait to get our technology on the ground. Israel has one of most energised and dynamic CleanTech sectors in the world and it’s a perfect fit for our scalable carbon capture installations”.


“Israel has a rich history of innovation and embracing new technology making it a world leader in the CleanTech sector. It’s a perfect market to further our ethos of innovation through collaboration”.

Nellie is now looking to source further collaboration partners in Israel with a view to full-scale deployment in 2023.

“Israel has a can-do attitude to deploying new technologies and we’ve been enthused by the reception to Nellie so far. I’m looking forward to strengthening our relationships on the ground and welcome new connections of the deployment of our kit”, Milburn added.

Sandra Steinhauer is leading the delegation and states;

“As part of our Global Business Innovation Programme, Innovate UK and Innovate UK EDGE are delighted to bring a delegation of some of the UK’s most promising innovators working in our global community of industrial clean growth, focusing on new approaches to limit greenhouse gas emissions and achieve net zero.”

They added;

“The combination of commercial expertise, creative excellence, and technological innovation across the two countries has the potential to add significant value for companies who operate in both markets.”

About Nellie Technologies

Nellie Technologies develop and deploy game-changing carbon capture technologies in the effort to mitigate climate change.

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For more information, please contact:

Amy Jones
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About Nellie’s Participation in the Innovate UK Global Business Innovation Programme

Nellie Carbon Capture Technologies has been awarded a place on this GBIP after being selected among applicants from across the UK on a competitive basis.

We trust they will benefit greatly from their visit to Israel under an official flag as a participant of this GBIP and will make the most of the great experience, contacts and assets they will encounter when engaging with the stakeholders that we are going to meet in-market.

Each Innovate UK Global Business Innovation Programme (GBIP) , organised by Innovate UK EDGE, sees up to 15 high-growth, innovative businesses offered the chance to enter new markets around the world. As well as being given detailed insights into a particular market and its culture and introductions to potential global business partners and investors, participants get to make an extended visit to the relevant country, to pitch and build their networks. Each GBIP explores opportunities for collaboration and investment in specific sectors: the Israel GBIP, which culminated in a visit to the country in July 2022, focused on Industrial Clean Growth.

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