Aberystwyth, May 24th 2022


Following the development and deployment of their new prototype bioreactor, Welsh carbon capture company Nellie Technologies celebrated their participation in the Mid Wales Challenge Launchpad at a special event at Aberinnovation.


Nellie Technologies was successful in securing a pre-procurement R&D contract via the challenge to design and deploy their “Little Nellie” prototype in February 2022 and within three months had designed, built and sited their game-changing organic carbon filter.


Stephen Milburn, Nellie’s Founder and CEO comments:


“As a direct result of being part of the challenge, we’ve accelerated our R&D journey with both the funding provided and the access to resources we’ve had.”




“We’ve added two full time staff to our headcount and as well as the industrial and commercial experience they’ve gained, they’ve also completed a raft a technical training courses.

We’ve made full use of the world-class facilities here at AberInnovation and our presence here has meant that we’ve been able to form collaboration agreements with both Aberystwyth University and local farms and businesses.”


Dr. Rhian Hayward MBE, Chief Executive Officer of AberInnovation said:


“We were delighted to see the exciting technology concepts selected for the Launchpad programme. Having witnessed the remarkable progress that the participating companies have made in such a short time frame we are confident that the funding and mentoring has helped them on their journey to market.”


Luke Player, Director at Innovation Strategy added:


“Nellie Technologies developed a highly innovative solution as part of the Mid Wales Challenge Led Launchpad. In a short space of time, they’ve gone from an initial idea to an early prototype that will have the capability to further protect our environment and support health. We are looking forward to seeing the solution develop further and rolled out to benefit organisations.”



About Nellie Technologies

Nellie Technologies develop and deploy game-changing carbon capture technologies in the effort to mitigate climate change.

Read more about Nellie Technologies at http://nellie.tech


For more information, please contact:

Amy Jones
0845 4671077